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CSI Christ Church of Chicago


CSI Christ Church of Chicago is a Church of South India congregation under the CSI Synod and the Council of CSI Congregations in North America. The members are primarily from Kerala, India.

The services are held in Malayalam on 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sundays; English on 2nd and 4th Sundays.

Our Vicar

Rev. Dr. Bhanu Samuel

CSI Council of North America

The Council of Church of South India Congregations in North America is the national body representing CSI Churches in North America. It was formed by the CSI Synod and functions under the direct supervision of the synod. The Moderator of CSI is the president of the council and all other office bearers are elected by the member churches in North America.

Church of South India (CSI)

Church of South India Logo

The Church of South India (CSI) is the successor of the Church of England in India after Indian Independence. It came into being by a union of Anglican and Protestant churches in South India. It combined the South India United Church (union of the Congregationalists and the Presbyterians); the then 14 Anglican Dioceses of South India and one in Sri Lanka; and the South Indian District of the Methodist church With a membership of over four million, it is India’s second largest Christian church after the Catholic Church in India. CSI is one of three united churches in the Anglican Communion, the others being the Church of North India and the Church of Pakistan.

Church of South India Synod

CSI Synod is the highest administrative body of the Church of South India. The presiding Bishop of the Synod is called the Moderator and is elected normally to hold office for two years. The church is governed by a synod based in Chennai and headed by a presiding bishop bearing the title of Moderator who is elected every two years.

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Church Committee 2018

Presbyter Rev. John Mathai 224-386-4830 JohnMathai.c@gmail.com
Vice President Mr. Nityan Joy 847-971-2000 nityanjoy@att.net
Secretary Mr. Premjit William 847-962-1893 pbwilliam@gmail.com
Treasurer Mr. John Mathew 630-677-3375 j.mathew15@gmail.com
Accountant Mr. Sujith Babu Kurian
Choir Director Mr. Sam C James
Sunday School Supt Ms. Linda Sigamony
Men's Group Leader Mr. Thomas Koshy
Women's Group Secretary
Youth Director Mr. Shibu Philip
Auditors Mr. Mathew Karottu
Mr. George Jacob
Ecumenical Council Members Mr. Mathew Karottu
Mr. Premjit William
Mr. Tony Philip
Mr. Meljo Varghese