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COVID-19 Update

During this uncertain time, we are continuing to have our worship service using Zoom. Please contact us to get details and participate in our worship service. You may also donate using PayPal or Credit Card.

Church Committee 2020

Presbyter Rev. Bhanu Samuel Vice-President Mr. Nityan Joy Secretary Mr. Premjit William Treasurer George Jacob Accountant Aby Thomas Choir Director Babu Philip Sunday School Superintendent Shibu Philip Men’s Group Leader Sam C. James Women’s Fellowship Secretary Deri Christudas Youth Director Bino Oommen Auditors Shaji KurianTarun Koshy Ecumenical Council Representatives Rintu PhilipMeljo VargheseK.M. MathaiPremjit William CSI […]

Day 2 of Service – New Parsonage set- up

Greetings Everyone, After a long search we found a good parsonage for CSI Christ Church of Chicago. It is now our responsibility to set the place up for the new Achen. The Youth and Young Adults will join the congregation on June 15th at 8:30 AM for Day 2 of Service, where we will be […]

Calendar of Events 2019

DATES EVENTS Jan. 20 Annual General body meeting March 6 Ash Wednesday – Service at 7.00pm April 14 Palm Sunday April 15 – 17 Vespers at member homes April 18 Maundy Thursday – Holy Communion Service at 7.00 pm April 19 Good Friday – Service at 6.30 pm April 21 Easter Sunday (Choir Recital, S. […]

Church Committee 2018

Presbyter Rev. John Mathai 224-386-4830 Vice President Mr. Nityan Joy 847-971-2000 Secretary Mr. Premjit William 847-962-1893 Treasurer Mr. John Mathew 630-677-3375 Accountant Mr. Sujith Babu Kurian Choir Director Mr. Sam C James Sunday School Supt Ms. Linda Sigamony Men’s Group Leader Mr. Thomas Koshy Women’s Group Secretary Youth Director Mr. Shibu […]

Calendar of Events 2018

Schedule of Events for the Year of 2018 Date Events Jan. 21 Annual General body meeting Jan 27 Ecumenical Fellowship Feb 14 Ash Wednesday – Service at 7:00 pm March 25 Palm Sunday March 26 – 28 Vespers at member homes March 29 Maundy Thursday – Holy Communion Service at 7.00 pm March 30 Good […]

Sunday School Registration

Dear Sunday School children and parents, There will be Sunday School on every Sunday before the service at 9:15am.  Please do come on time.

Calendar of Events 2016

DATES EVENTS Jan. 31 Annual General body meeting February 5 Ash Wednesday – Service at 7.00pm March 12 One day retreat at Church March 20 Palm Sunday March 24 Maundy Thursday  – Holy Communion Service at 7.00 pm March 25 Good Friday  – Service at 6.30 pm March 27 Easter Sunday (Choir Recital, S. School) April 24 […]